Strength – Flexibility – Stability.
Experience the evolution of muscular health.

Trainers at Foundation Fitness realize that every muscle matters. We use highly effective and unique approaches to evaluate the weakest areas of each client’s musculo-skeletal system, followed by the thought processes from resistance training to properly train those areas, and increase force production of every muscle.

Our philosophy is based on the idea that each muscle in your body has a unique job. But injuries, stress, age or overuse may cause some muscles to fall short in performing their tasks – a situation that can lead to decreased athletic performance, or inability to perform everyday activities. These problematic muscles can cause other muscles to compensate, causing misaligned joints, muscle tightness and abnormal stress throughout the body.

Isometric strength training designed for each individual, when properly progressed to resistance training with motion, is a proven method that helps restore the normal functioning of these worn-out or injured muscles, propelling your recovery and training to a higher level.

This holistic approach takes a big-picture look at how your entire muscular system functions rather than just focusing on certain areas or general muscle groups. Then it methodically pinpoints weak and improperly functioning muscles and focuses highly precise techniques where needed.

Our training style delivers improved athletic performance through increased joint stability, flexibility and increased muscular strength. As a result, joints can function more normally and pain relief frequently follows.  Our thought process works especially well because – unlike some other training regimens — each session is tailored to your exact needs.

Training with us is safe for everyone from youngsters to the elderly. And it can help anyone from top professional athletes to weekend warriors and those who are frail from age, disability or injuries. Where other training or therapies may not have met expectations, we have often delivered remarkable results with helping clients to be their best!

Into Life, Into Fitness

Working with us is the first step toward wellness. Our trainers begin with isometric resistance training, as well as PNF strength training ( which further strengthens targeted muscles. We designs exercises that help clients exert the exact amount of force they need to progress. This dual approach provides a unique, tailored personal training program for every client – one that can be followed for a lifetime. With a solid long-term commitment to this type of exercise regime, clients reap the greatest rewards.